タイム・トラベラー / Time Traveler


We live in a information society. I want to tell the world about Japanese culture. Natural style of Japanese. My feelings for you.

東京タワーを探して / Searching for Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Tower inspired previous generations with hope for the future. It is the same now as it was back then. Because Tokyo Tower is one of the symbols of Japan.

橋を渡ると秋の日本 / Bridge Toward the Autumn in Japan


I want to feel Japan. I'll think of what to do about that. Winter is coming. Autumn leaves are beautiful still.

颯爽と / Dashingly


Such a snowfall had not been for years. I thought it would be a good idea to get back in touch with Japanese culture and history.

尾張徳川家ノ額縁 / The Tokugawa Art Museum

ロケーション : 名古屋徳川美術館、徳川園、ガーデンレストラン徳川園
Location : Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

和のあそび心 / Playful Mind

A sense of fun is the key to happy living.


雨に詠えば / Singin’ in the Rain


Yugawara Town has long been known to people as a hot spring spot since the Manyo period. But that still isn't famous. Today a raining and a little humid. It is the atmosphere that I wanted to photograph. The air was so clean there, it was the best feeling. Please enjoy the feeling of Japan.

桜と日本人 / Why Japan Loves Sakura

多くの日本人が愛する桜。 桜の花の在り方は、日本人の感性に美しく映ります。日本の歌の中には満開に咲く花そのものよりも、散りゆく花びらの美しさを詠んだものが多いそうです。

Many Japanese people love cherry blossoms. To simply say 'flower' means cherry, and the Japanese love cherries because they are not permanent but give a feeling of mujo.

Familial Bond – Special Day

My family is really close to each other, so we can talk about anything together. My sister 's wedding. Today I can be the best photographer in the world.

盆栽職人の横顔 / Profile of a Bonsai Craftsman


The human being matures in the same way as a bonsai in time.

初夏のせせらぎ / Sound of a Stream in Summer


The spring water is the largest in the East. And this place is full of the reminiscences of my boyhood.

四季折々 / Each Season


The beauty of nature that is represented in the four seasons in Japan. You can enjoy the view of each season from the photography.

悠久情景 / Eternal Scene


Beautiful scenery is spread out there. You can see beautiful Japanese scenery there. Maybe, this is the moment that has been repeated time and again. I feel the history of Japan from this moment.

海の幻想美 / Sea of Fantasy

時間はここではゆっくりと流れます。 長時間露光で幻想的な海を表現。

Time goes by slowly here. I express the tranquility of the sea by long exposure.

和色を訪ね / Visit Colors in Japan


Japan is rich in beautiful colors. It is the susceptibility inherited from the ancestors.

薄化粧 / Closeup of a Pink French Lace


Native to Japan, Japan name is "Pink French Lace". I'm so lucky to have found you!

木の芽時 / Bud Cherry


The time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms. It is the same as business. I learn a lot from nature. Spring is just around the corner.

麗しい月夜に / Beautiful Moonlit Night


There are various expressions in the flower.  Flowers colored shining in the moonlight. It is very attractive. 

永久電球 / Development of a Permanent Bulb


Cool Japan is a project introducing Japanese “cool” contents to the world. I’m also participating in this project. What I’m proud of about Japan is the concept of “creativity.” I used my own creativity to create a “permanent bulb” in an image.

朽姿美 / Decayed Leaves


When I'm trying to capture what I find beautiful, I feel I'm living life to the fullest. Decayed leaves are beautiful too, I was able to feel that.

潮風紀行 / Invitation to Tokyo Bay Area


Last at dusk I wanted to feel the sea breeze at the Tokyo Bay Area. The wind was very strong, which made shooting extremely difficult. But I'm having fun and taking pictures. And I hope you will enjoy the collection when you see it.

夜空を翔ける / Fly High in the Night Sky


Birds fly in the sky. I also want to fly like a bird.  If it is impossible, with a sense like a bird.

光跡 / Light Trail


I walk while shooting the city of Tokyo night, it is very fun. The locus of a ray of light in a photograph. That was delicate and beautiful.



City of Tokyo, I get a lot of inspiration from there.

都市の雨 / Urban Rain

少年時代から雨の中を歩くのが好きでした。 それは大人になった今も変わらない。

I used to like walking in the rain when I was a child. That never changes.

ヨコハマ・トワイライト / City of Yokohama at Twilight


I invite you in the romantic evening. You will probably be satisfied.

ロケーション : 横浜
Location : Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan



Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world. You can exploring for exciting city scenery. And the black and white world is beautiful.

前に前に / GO FOR IT


It’s ok. Everything’s gonna be alright. Keep looking forward.

家族愛の形 / Shape of Family Love


The family love one another. It must have been a fine sight.

黒と白の自然 / Nature in Black and White


A world without color. Because it is abstract monochrome, I can deliver beautiful shapes straight.

株式会社ねっこねこの日常 / The Company of Cats


Only the Business chief is working. All else is sleeping comfortably within working hours.

セルフィー / SELFIE


With the development and popularization of SNS, the word “SELFIE” came to acquire citizenship. Then, let’s express ourselves.